Do you know that ten years ago the crisis in Spain had brought the real estate market in Menorca to its knees? Since 2008, the recovery process has been quite slow. From a close view, real estate investment is booming once again. Over the years, we have witnessed several foreign investments pouring in. This is the right time to invest in Menorca property. What is the main reason behind this? The real estate market in this area has never been favorable like now.

Are you sure that the property prices have been increasing by 12% every year? With that in mind, you should not delay investing in Menorca villas. You might be wondering why you should consider purchasing property in this area. There are numerous benefits in buying property in Menorca. Here are some of the benefits.


Have you been looking for a place where you can get high-value property? You should look for no more. It is good to keep in mind that the real estate sector in Menorca has been the best for the last couple of years. How much do Holiday Properties cost in Menorca? It has been two thirds less when compared to properties in Ibiza.

Away from that, Menorca has the largest inventory when you take its size into consideration.


British have been the main property investors in Menorca. Do you pay attention to Spain property market? In that case, you can agree with me that indeed the French have intensified their investment in the real estate sector in Menorca. Menorca is small in size. This means that there will always be limited property. In addition, there are numerous regulations that make building on rural areas difficult.


There is no doubt that Menorca has some of the most favorable climatic conditions. This is the right time to invest and explore the great outdoors.