What is an accountant/accountant?
An accountant or accountant is responsible for the financial administration of a business. It ensures that the company meets its financial, social and tax obligations. There are also accounting offices, which offer their services to companies.

What are the main tasks of an accountant?
An accountant or chartered accountant conducts audits and provides advice in the fiscal and financial field. His main tasks are:
completion or control of the annual calculation;
the provision of financial, tax and social advice;
administrative support for all financial, tax and social issues;
the sending of invoices relating to the services of the company;
payment of supplier invoices;
the fulfillment of VAT obligations;
writing internal and external reports.

How does an accountancy help in a business
Focus on the business core and saves time: By outsourcing accounting, you can focus on your core business and can engage your people in other activities. You can not process the bookkeeping in one day, it is a continuous activity. Furthermore, you save time if you or your employees do not have to complete the bookkeeping(Inkasso).

Reduce risk. Accounting(regnskapsfører) Outsourcing protects you from mistakes and minimizes organizational risk. The liability is usually assumed by the external service provider. You can, therefore, concentrate on other business areas and rely on your specialized accountant. The correct execution of orders and compliance with legal regulations and deadlines are the responsibility of the external service provider.

Process optimization and digitization. When you do the bookkeeping in-house, you should think about the technical and logistical costs. They need, inter alia, application programs, protection software and financial and payroll accounting programs. Furthermore, process coordination, implementation of the software and system administration, training in hardware and software operation and maintenance should not be disregarded.

Furthermore, digitization is a big and important issue that you should not underestimate. The digital archiving of accounting documents requires a corresponding server room. An external service provider can provide a secure server room. You can save costs(xledger).